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The Colorado Immigrant Rights Program organizes allies, faith leaders, and immigrants to support immigrant justice. From resisting deportation to fomenting positive narratives, we advocate for policy change.   

Our vision is a Colorado where policy is defined by those directly impacted, and all people are valued and encouraged to contribute to their communities. We do this work through three groups of member-leaders: Coloradans for Immigrant Rights (CFIR), the Not1More (N1M) deportation tables in Metro Denver and Morgan County. 

CFIR is comprised of allies. They help support a statewide hotline. They work for safer school environments for immigrant students and their families. And they advocate for legislative priorities. 

The N1M Tables are comprised of immigrants challenging their own or their family member’s deportation. The groups work together, sharing strategies, tactics, and support around leading their case. 

Our work is based on an allyship and accompaniment model. We leverage our privilege so that we can effectively partner with immigrant leadership, taking direction from immigrant-based groups.  

Our collaborative efforts have been critical in shifting Colorado from one of the most anti-immigrant states in the nation to Colorado leading the nation with model policies.  

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