Aldon Delport

Aldon is a South African trained Emergency Care Practitioner with 20 years of experience working in remote, austere and conflict environments. Before moving to Australia in early 2017 Aldon worked as an academic at a South African university where he taught technical rescue and critical care para-medicine. Aldon currently works at a large regional Australian university where he recently developed the first Australian postgraduate qualification in tactical medicine. Aldon’s interests lie in the extrapolation of evidence-based military medicine into the civilian sector.



Managing Editor

Timothy Makrides,  

Tim is  Critical Care Paramedic by training and currently works with BC Emergency Health Services in Vancouver Canada where he recently moved with his family.  Prior to working in the civilian sector, Tim served as a Medic in the Australian Army for 8 years before taking up a position in the Queensland Ambulance Service.

He holds an academic position with a large Australian university, as well as a Senior Instructor position with TacMed Australia.

Tim was the former founding Secretary of the Australian Tactical Medical Association and has recently transitioned to a Consultant role providing support to the Executive Board.  

He has an interest in paramedic led practice, tactical medicine and trauma medicine and is eager to facilitate and contribute to the body of research in these fields.



Section Editor 

Ricky Ditzel 

Ricky is a United States Critical Care Flight Paramedic and is the lead of Research and Development for the Special Operations Medical Coalition (SOM-C) non-profit organization. He is dedicated to the advancement of the tactical medical community by engaging in, and conducting evidenced-based medical research. Ricky is most notably known for his work on the " Lethal Diamond", a new approach to the prevention and management of pre-hospital traumatic arrest.



Senior Copyeditor 

Ivan McCann

Ivan McCann is an Advanced Care Paramedic currently residing in Ontario, Canada. He has practiced as a paramedic for almost 10 years serving both large urban communities and smaller rural ones. His background includes an undergraduate degree in History and Political Science with a focus on contemporary history and world politics. Currently, he is working towards completing his Critical Care Paramedic certification and exploring post-graduate degrees. Current areas of interest include: public health in conflict zones, austere and remote medicine, trauma and resuscitation medicine and paramedic led research.


 Editorial Board

    Dr. Claire Park - Consultant in Pre-Hospital, Critical Care and Anaesthesia; Londons Air Ambulance and Kings College Hospital 

    Mr. Matt Pepper - President, ATMA | Special Operations Team Intensive Care Paramedic, Ambulance NSW , Australia

    Prof. Erin Smith - Course Coordinator, Master of Disaster and Emergency Response, Edith Cowan Univerisity | Board of Directors, World Association for Disaster and Emergency Medicine (WADEM), Australia

    Assoc. Prof. John Moloney -Head, Trauma Anaesthesia, The Alfred Hospital | Medical Advisor, Ambulance Victoria | Retrieval Consultant, Adult Retrieval Victoria | Acting Executive Manager, Field Emergency Medical Officer Program, Australia

    Dr. Dan Pronk - Medical Director, TacMed Australia

    Lt Col. Martin Graves - Anaesthetist, Australian Army 

    Mr. Shane Fitzpatrick - TEMS Paramedic. Calgary TEMS | Chair, TEMS Committee, International Public Safety Association, Canada

    Mr. Kerryn Wratt - Wilderness Medicine Specialist | MICA Paramedic, Ambulance Victoria, Australia

    Dr. Preston FedorAssistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, University of New Mexico | Medical Officer, United States Air Force, USA

    Dr. Erik VuEmergency Medicine | Critical Care Medicine | EMS & Special Operations Medicine, Vancouver Coastal Health Authority, Provincial Health Services Authority. Clinical Assistant Professor - Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia, Canada.

    Dr. Matthew D. Sztajnkrycer - MD, PhD, Director, Operational Medicine, Division of Prehospital Care; Consultant and Professor of Emergency Medicine, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN



Article Reviewers

JHTAM would like to recognise the contributions made by our article reviewers

   Mrs. Natalee Williams-Claassen - Lecturer, Post Graduate Courses, Paramedic Science, CQUniversity, Australia 

   Mr. Ian de Jonge - Paramedic Science Lecturer, CQUniversity | Critical Care Paramedic, Queensland Ambulance Service, Australia

   Ms. Hannah GaulkeCritical Care Paramedic, Queensland Ambulance Service, Australia

   Mr. Richard Armour - ALS Paramedic, British Columbia Emergency Health Service, Canada

   Mrs. Shannon Delport - Senior Lecturer, Undergraduate Head of Course, Paramedic Science, CQUniversity, Australia

   Mr. Craig Alford - MICA Paramedic, Ambulance Victoria, Australia 

   Mr. Oliver EllisSpecial Operations Team Intensive Care Paramedic, Ambulance NSW, Australia

   Mr. Ben Grellman  - Intensive Care Paramedic, ACT Ambulance Service, Australia

   Mrs. Claire Metz - Emergency Care Practitioner/Nurse, Germany

   Mr. Steven Robertson - Clinical Support Officer, Queensland Ambulance Service, Australia