Methodologies Utilized and Lessons Learned in High Threat Environments and Mass Casualty Environments.

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Andrew Bennett


tactical medicine, special operations medicine, SOMSA, ATMA


In May 2019, the author was awarded the Australian Tactical Medical Association (ATMA) study grant to attend the Special Operations Medicine Scientific Assembly (SOMSA) 2019 in Charlotte, North Carolina in the United States of America. Whilst in the U.S. the author had the opportunity to hear many talks, attend labs and talk to many first responders in high threat and austere environments to learn about how they operate, and the lessons learned from their experiences.

This report highlights the two objectives of the study grant:

  • Record the key content and lessons learned by attendance at SOMSA 2019.

  • Discuss techniques utilized and lessons learned by first responders operating in high threat environments and mass casualty incidents.

The SOMSA brings together many like-minded pre-hospital, tactical, wilderness, austere, disaster and deployed medicine operators from all around the world to share their learnings with a primary goal to

advance the art and science of special operations medical care. It is a great opportunity for military and civilian providers to learn, network and engage with industry partners showcasing innovative products and technology.

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