Crush Injury During Winter in the Backcountry: A Case Report

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Brad Keating
Dennis Tobin


Crush, Remote, Low Angle, Ketamine


Crush injuries are complicated and uncommon in prehospital medicine. They combine the complications of traumatic injuries, medical syndromes, and technical rescue. This conflagration of complex management issues can be very difficult for prehospital providers to control. Managing a crush injury in an austere environment adds a much higher degree of complication. In this article we present the case of an adult male who sustained a right leg injury when a boulder pinned his leg on a trail in Eldorado Springs Canyon, Colorado during a winter storm with subfreezing temperatures. Remote location and a harsh environment added to the complexity of this already difficult patient injury. A positive outcome was achieved by early recognition of the potential for crush syndrome by the treating medics, a coordinated lift operation with rescue crews, and a prompt field evacuation via litter.Cu

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