Australian Tactical Medical Association and the Journal of High Threat & Austere Medicine: A joint initiative to progress a niche subspecialty of medicine

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This year sees the launch of the official journal of the Australian Tactical Medical Association (ATMA), the Journal of High Threat and Austere Medicine (JHTAM).  This initiative is a significant achievement in the progression of high threat medicine in Australia and builds upon the success of the past 18 months. 

Whilst ‘Tactical Medicine’ conjures in the minds of the uninformed ideas of black-clad specialists in body armour, JHTAM and ATMA actually encompass and represent a wide range of applications of first aid and medicine.  The crossover between all these applications is significant, and collaboration will only allow for a larger evidence base to draw from, as well as opening communication channels and starting conversations that enable greater and more cohesive response capacity in wilderness, expedition, prehospital, tactical, military and austere applications. 

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