Formatting Policy


The Journal of High Threat and Austere Medicine (JHTAM) is a not for profit open access journal run exclusively by volunteers. When submitting an article please follow the guidelines below closely. If your manuscript does not meet the guidelines outlined below it will not be accepted and will not progress to peer review.  

Anonymous Authorship

  • Your submission must not appear on any publically accessible website or social media website to avoid compromising the validity of an anonymous review.
  • All author identifying information must be submitted as a separate supplemental file accompanying your manuscript.
  • Your manuscript must exclude all author-identifying material to ensure anonymous peer review and must be submitted as a separate file to the author-identifying supplement.

Compatible file types

  • We only accept text files in .doc or .docx format (Such as from Microsoft Word).
  • PDF files are not accepted.

No Concurrent submissions

  • Concurrent submissions are not accepted. Submitting the same manuscript to more than one Journal/Conference at a time is unethical publishing behaviour and will not be accepted.
  • Manuscripts must only be peer-reviewed by one journal/Conference at a time.
  • Previously published works will not be accepted.
  • No more than 20 percent of unoriginal text can be used by the author, the unoriginal text must be cited. Unoriginal text that has been directly quoted must be in italics, in quotation marks and cited.


  • JHTAM only accepts submissions written in English.


  • Articles must be referenced using the author-date (Harvard) system.
  • Referencing must comprise intext citation and a bibliography at the end of the document.
  • APA referencing will also be accepted.



  • Title text must be in Arial font size 16 and set to bold.
  • Title text must be set to centre alignment.

Author’s names

  • Author’s names must be in Arial font size 11.
  • Author's names must be separated by a coma.
  • Author's information must be Arial font size 8.
  • Author's Information must be italicized.
  • Author’s information must be presented in order of Title, Organisation, State and Country and separated by a coma.


  • All text contained in the manuscript must use the Arial font size 11.
  • All text contained in the manuscript must be justified.
  • Double spacing must not be used at any point in the manuscript.
  • Line and paragraph spacing must be set to 1.15.

New section headings

  • Headings must be in Arial font size 12, no indentation, aligned left and set to bold.
  • Headings must not be underlined.
  • Headings may not be all capitalised.


  • Subheadings must be in Arial font size 11, indented, aligned left and set to bold.
  • Subheadings may not be underlined.
  • Subheadings may not be capitalised.


  • Images that do not add to the narrative must not be included.
  • Images that are included must credit the source.
  • Images must be referred to as “figure” in the manuscript.
  • Images must be labelled numerically as noted in figure 1.
  • Figure label must be in Arial font size 11 and set to bold aligned left with no indent.
  • Figure description must be in Arial font size 11.
  • All images submitted to JHTAM as part of a manuscript must be adjustable (JPEG).

Figure 1: Journal of High Threat and Austere Medicine.


  • Tables created in Excel can only be submitted as a JPEG and must be adjustable.
  • It is our preference, that where possible, tables must be created in word and be adjustable, refer to table 1.
  • All text in tables must be in Arial font, the font size is left to the discretion of the author but it must not be so large as to take up undue space or be so small as to render it illegible.

Table1: Example of a word table.